Monday, May 28, 2012

First draft Ideas!

These are some ideas that I come up with. They are first draft ideas. The Catwoman was for a client. I'm hoping to have enough time to finish each one, but most of all the Storm's illustration Is what I really hope to finish. I love the ideas of each one, But both storm have more I can gain from, as far as the compositions and detailing. With the detailing it would allow me to discover some new technic in painter and photoshop (realism and texture).

Dark tone sketckes

These are some sketches that I was doing to enhance my skills. I would do a new one each day when I had time, then paint the tones in Corel Painter. There actually ideas from one of my most favorite artist. I like to compare work sometimes, just to see how much I've developed. I would say it takes about 45min to an hour to draw and paint each one.